"Happiness is a warm puppy." ~Charles M. Schulz

Spay Neuter & Clinic

Price List

Feline Canine
Neuter $180.00 05-30lbs $230.00 / 250.00
Spay $240.00 31-60lbs $260.00 / 280.00
61-95lbs $290.00 / 300.00
Prices include an exam, anesthesia, and surgery. If your pet is 5 years old or older, then we require blood work prior to the procedure. The cost is between $80-170 dollars, depending upon the blood work panel required. If in-blood work is performed the day of the procedure, the cost is 100 dollars. We provide all vaccinations. Most vaccines can be provided the same day as the procedure.


Other procedures
We also provide general care, exams, vaccinations, and other services as well as heartworm, tick, and flee medications. Please call us for a detailed price.

Please make an appointment with us at 703-941-5300.

We reserve the right to decline any surgical or anesthetic procedures.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and cash. I am sorry, we do not accept checks.

Prices effective as of January 2016 and are subject to change without notice.